The Guaranteed Extended Results Program

Your Solution to Continued Results

The goal of this program is to provide a structure that will sustain the results that participants of the Kingston Training Group; Make More Meetings training have achieved. This program will provide the framework to reinforce the methods taught in the Make More Meetings training program, as well as provide enhanced skill sets for current and future sales representatives.

As a KTG client; you are well aware that our methods, when put in to practice, are an effective tool for producing more qualified meetings and sales. Most sales teams however, when left to their own devices, tend to stray back to old habits and less effective methods. KTG’s commitment to continuous improvement of skills through reinforcement and accountability is needed to ensure that our proven techniques are a foundation of the sales culture in your organization. We propose to provide that commitment, continuity, reinforcement and accountability with our Guaranteed Extended Results Program.If you enroll in this program each year your dealership will receive:

Additional Tune-Up Visits

Live, on-site, one-day events to sharpen the saw. Each visit includes:

  • A Manager’s Meeting to review results by sales rep and to draft individual, easy-to-follow prospecting plans to get everyone where they need to be.
  • Working with the managers to develop and implement a customized plan tailored to the specific branch and help you manage prospecting with the entire team.
  • Sales executive training that introduces new key concepts while reinforcing the KTG skills learned.

Touch Point Training for Sales Executives and New Hires

KTG has created time every Friday to work live with your sales teams (new hires and current reps) to build skills. These virtual live calls with Kate Kingston are what your sales teams need to answer questions and get results.

Continued Access to Monthly Vertical Teleclasses

 LIVE Monthly Manager Calls with Kate Kingston

On these critical monthly calls we will provide our most up to date ideas on tracking, managing expectations, creating metrics (What Good Looks Like,) how to incorporate new hires into prospecting, micro-managing options, researching new accounts, monitoring skill base on the phone, monthly meetings on prospecting success, talking points for weekly meetings, incorporating vertically focused executive conversations into prospecting calls, etc.

Prospecting using Social Media & Online Tools

KTG will bring social media experts to your dealership thru virtual webinars to teach your sales executives and managers how to utilize these tools in prospecting. These live webinars will offer Q&A time and will show your team real-time examples on how exactly to use social media such as LinkedIn and various online tools.

Resource Library that Includes:

  • KTG Vertical Vocabularies via on-demand audio recordings that include industry buzz words, hardcopy communication document names, and explanations on how each industry makes money.
  • Actual industry metrics and guidelines on how to increase and maintain activity levels. Every location will learn how to put systems in place to track every activity.
  • Tools for managers and reps to track activity, take control, and deliver more meetings via our customized “Portable Prospecting Toolkit.”
  • Downloadable copies of:
    • The most current email templates; more industries added regularly
    • Vertical Marketing Information
    • New and Current Email Scripts
    • KTG Training materials
      • Call Logs
      • Success Story By Industry
      • Telephone Scripts

Call-to-Arms Training: Virtual training sessions with Kate Kingston

In these sessions, KTG will conduct a live One-on-One session with each sales team. Your dealership has experienced these results before so you understand how valuable this access to Kate will be when you need it.