New Hire Program

The Solution to Minimizing New Hire Costs and Attrition

Hiring new sales reps can have its drawbacks…

  • Spending all of your internal time training those reps to bring in business.
  • Paying $4000 to a headhunter on day 120 whether or not that sales rep has made the dealership a dime or has the potential to.
  • Having managers that don’t pull the plug on sales reps that have little or no potential because they think, ‘somebody is better than nobody’.

Now imagine…

  • If you knew what the benchmarks were for prospecting success
  • If you knew that on day 65 that your new hire had the skills and potential to meet the prospecting demands of a successful technology sales executive.
  • If you could give back internal time to your managers by having someone else train your new hires to speak the language of your customers, to only meet with C – level decision makers, and to use email, phone, social media and foot canvasing to make net new meetings.
  • If you only had to pay headhunters for a sales rep that can and will make the dealership money AND have potential to quickly and continually keep doing so.

Now that would be an advantage and KTG has the answer!

KTG has implemented a new program that will give your New Hire’s the training to make more meetings so your dealership can make more money as well as giving you the insight to determine if your new hire makes the cut.

KTG’s Guaranteed New Hire Success Program includes…

  • Weekly LIVE trainings for 7 consecutive weeks. (Please note, there are not prerecorded webinars, this is LIVE training making REAL calls to REAL prospects with KTG.)
  • Weekly Teleclasses on process, systems, time management, activity
  • Weekly Vertical interviews
  • Make More Meetings workbook
  • 40-plus industry vertical marketing guide
  • 170+ email templates
  • C-Level decision maker templates and talk tracks
  • Monthly Email counts
  • Monthly Manager Phone calls
  • Statistical data on skill base, progress, and potential of each New Hire
  • Day 65 written evaluation and recommendation on each new hire
  • Unlimited provided leads.