Marketing Initiative Program


  •  24  Customized Technology Tips utilizing your dealership’s metrics.

Do you know how to speed up turn-around time from your technology vendor?

Here in Michigan,
businesses need to have every technology issue resolved
quickly and completely.

 At ________, we are beating national averages.
Our average service call is completed in 68 minutes.

  •  25 Vertically Focused email/phone templates that include customized results.


I was calling (writing) to schedule a meeting with you. My firm partners with over 65 other Law Firms like ________, and a________ quite often through the CIO’s office because other CIO’s have asked how to accomplish reducing non billable hours by  enhanced network uptime and increased issue resolution the first time a service tech visits (insert name of their law firm). This allows expediting interrogatories, archiving case files within compliancy standards that can also actually add additional bill back capabilities. Here at __________ our average service call is completed in 68 minutes and  95% of the time issues are  resolved on the  1st visit. That is why I wanted to schedule a  meeting with you because I was sure Johnson’s Law Firm would want to know how the other CIO’s are accomplishing their business goals through technology and that’s what we do here at __________________.

How would Wed 4/9 work at 10:45?

  • 20 Vertically Focused leave behinds.

    (KTG will provide top 15 vertical industries & then your dealership can request 5 additional verticals of your choice.)

Guaranteed Results Program includes vertically focused leave-behinds

  • Fact sheets on gathering & driving testimonials.


  • Education on how to include metrics into LinkedIn.


  • Examples of how to use metrics for presentations during discovery.

Question #1
“Why should I meet with you?”

Question #2
“Should I look at it with you?”

  •  Instruction on how to utilize online tools to get insight or pull data from current and prospective clients.
  • Guidance on how to create email blasts to support technology tips.
  • KTG will provide questionnaire to gather proprietary metrics from your dealership as well as request additional content. We will provide all deliverables in phase one allowing for changes and modifications.
  • KTG will conduct meeting with managers and sales staff to train on how to use these tools effectively as a pull marketing prospecting initiative and increase current customer allegiance.