Getting Started with KTG

Getting Started

  1.  KTG will set up a conference call with the dealer Principal and sales management team to discuss the following:

Q: Is your sales team in front of the appropriate number of C-level Net-New prospects per week to allow your dealership to achieve your year over year growth objectives?

Q: Does your sales team have a defined strategy to go after Net New business or does a disproportionate percentage of their revenue come from upgrading your current base?

 KTG Value Proposition

  1. The Kingston Training Group works with Business Technology dealers across the country. We train and coach their sales team to be more effective in setting vertically focused Net New meetings with C-Level contacts, accounts that you are not currently doing business with. To date, KTG has trained over 80 Business Technology dealers and their managers and sales reps (1,000’s) in growing their business beyond just upgrading their base. We work with dealer’s day in and day out that want to grow their business but lack the plan to aggressively position them to get into accounts that are currently serviced by their competition. Your best prospects are your competitors’ best customers. We train your sales staff how to get the appointment with the proper contacts to take over these accounts.

Beginning The Training

There must be at least one manager along with the sales staff that participates in this training and it works the best if the whole dealership participates, as this is a culture change in their prospecting efforts to sell. This training changes the way your team goes after a prospect by foot, phone, voicemail, email, networking, referrals and LinkedIn as well as other online tools. It increases activity, accountability, time management, skill base, and process and strategies to guarantee (money back) a dramatic increase in C-Level, Vertically Focused, Full Technology Meetings so they can sell more. We are in the business of changing the habits of the sales team to put them on the path to success.

  1. KTG conducts a manager orientation call to benchmark the existing skill set of each sales rep participating in the program.
  2. Dealers prep their reps about the training by scheduling the time in their calendars to prospect and make arrangements to travel or stream live virtually. The dealer will also receive invites for all of the upcoming 6 months of trainings. KTG sends these invites and then sends a reminder to each individual sales rep the day prior to their training.
  3. The workshop is a full day 8:30am till 4:30 pm. The sales reps bring a list of prospects with them to the workshop as KTG will have them making real calls to real prospects that same afternoon.
  4. The dealer will receive 225 email templates, 100+ page vertical marketing guide, 100+page workbook, 30 vertical interviews, weekly additional training opportunities, weekly sales tips, a list of all the associations for the whole country, LinkedIn webinar, and recordings of every one of their trainings with KTG. We will also deliver back to the dealers a library of their emails as we have them blind copy KTG on their prospecting emails for the first nine weeks. KTG will also monetize the prospecting on an individual basis for each rep. If the rep understands how much money they make for each prospecting touch – they will do more.
  5. The managers and reps attend trainings for 9 consecutive weeks after the initial workshop and then monthly to finish the 6-month commitment. (Click here to see Sample Schedule)
  6. KTG tracks the Net New meeting and activity results every week.
  7. KTG provides additional live touchpoint training for reps every Friday from 2pm – 3pm Eastern (for those who may have missed that week’s training or simply need more help).
  8. The reps will receive invites to vertical focused interviews weekly (where KTG interviews a C-Level executive in one industry – for ex. The general manager of a Hilton hotel) so the reps can listen to how that industry uses technology. If they do not attend the interview- KTG sends the recording to the individual sales rep and manager’s emails to review on demand.
  9. KTG does have a ‘go forward’ strategy for any dealers that want to extend working with KTG after the first 6 months, it’s called our Extended Results Program.