6 or 9 Month Program

“Make More Meetings – Make More Money”

Kingston Training Group is committed to partnering with your firm to increase your revenues. We have created systems to build the necessary skill base, help your team stay on track by integrating the KTG system into their daily routine and provide them with tools to continue building their momentum with more advanced and targeted follow up training. This process consistently results in increased sales revenues for your firm.

 Kingston Training Group’s
Program Overview

The KTG Workshop (Four+ hours)

The program kicks off with the KTG Workshop, which is customized to the business technology industry and tailored to support your unique sales culture and training objectives. The number of attendees is determined by you and the Kingston Training Group (KTG). Workbooks and KTG binders are included for every attendee and manager. Each binder includes our 170+ page Vertical Marketing Guide with proven live call, voicemail, and email templates for the top 40+ industries you work with, answers to all objections, and instructions for getting past the gatekeeper to consistently schedule more C-Level meetings and drive more revenue. KTG also supplies additional workbooks for future reps that may be coming on board throughout the year. The Workshop will be recorded and delivered to management and all sales people for further learning.

Individual Training

This crucial element to the training program includes one-on-one and small group training.

  • Training will be conducted for one hour per group. Typically, there are 5-6 salespeople per group for nine consecutive weeks in a row.  Interaction goes to a monthly scheduled for the remainder of the contract.  (Please refer to the sample schedule at the bottom of this page for more insight.)
  • All training will be accomplished making real calls to real prospects to make real meetings.
  • Training sessions will be recorded for each sales person. Digital MP3 recordings will be provided to the managers. These recordings are useful for practicing the KTG methodology if the managers choose to make them available the reps.
  • Prospect objections will be discussed. KTG will teach trainees how to answer and counter objections.
  • Prospect binders will be provided to each rep to help them manage and organize prospecting.
  • The one-on-one training will increase company call volume and improve talk track techniques across all industries pursued. KTG will address each salesperson and manager’s needs and skill base level, and will enhance their expertise and performance results to make more sales each month.

The Six and Nine Month Programs Comparison

6 and 9 month program comparison

Management Training

KTG trains Sales Managers to continue momentum by establishing them as leaders in KTG Program. Managers are required to attend a minimum of one One-on-One session with each rep. This exposure enables them to learn the program, continue the momentum with the sales assignments and manage the new improved level of meetings each member of their team is now able to achieve.

Managers will be provided with a 100+ page “Weekly Assignments” Manager Handbook in order to implement the training program techniques. This is designed to secure the sustainability of the KTG prospecting program and should take less than 10 minutes per week to accomplish. Some of the weekly assignments include a Weekly Prospect Binder Check in, Checking the Outgoing Message, Asking for the Meeting on the :45, and an Appointment-Based Phone Blitz.

Managers will have weekly scheduled calls for the first 9 weeks and then once monthly for the length of the contract.  This allows for all flying conversations around individual sales executive successes, additional tactics and tools for prospecting past the dialing for dollars piece.

Vertical Vocabulary Interviews

On the first, second and third Fridays of every month, for the length of your program, your staff is invited to join our Vertical Vocabulary Teleclasses. In these information-packed sessions, Kate Kingston presents interviews with the C-Level decision makers in over 30 industries so your team can hear “from the horses mouth” how customers use technologies in their business.  For example, the CIO of a school district, the practice manager of a large medical practice, and the general manager of a hotel chain.

Open Office Hours

Kate Kingston will have open office hours for additional training.

Touch Point Training

Every Friday from 2:00 – 3:00 PM EST, Kate Kingston will have open office hours for additional Touch Base Tele-training for managers, trainers or sales people. These calls are on a “first come, first served” basis, scheduled in advance.

New Hire Training

Every Friday from 12:00 – 2:00 PM EST, Kate Kingston will have open office hours for New Hire Training. These calls are on a “first come, first served” basis, scheduled in advance.

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KTG 9 Month Program Sample Schedule