What our clients our saying about KTG

A Rave Review From KTG Current Client NEP

From: Jeremy Ryan
Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2014 7:35 PM
To: Nora Schulz
Cc: kkingston@kingstontraining.com;
Subject: KTG, Kate Rocks!


The KTG training program has been, by far, the best laid out, most impactful prospecting training I have ever experienced.

From the beginning, expectations were set and failure has never been an option. Having Kate and Dan helping me support the team on an ongoing basis has brought out a positive environment that has created positive results.

The systematic approach to prospecting has now become routine for our sales team. When one of the team members starts to slip, the others are quick to put them back in line.

We have broken through to accounts that we have never received responses from in the past. The professionally persistent approach can only be putting our salespeople and NEP in a positive light, even when we do not get a response.

The use of vertical market buzzwords and talk tracks has not only assisted in prospecting but has evolved into higher-level conversations in intro meetings, and the rest of the sales cycle.

In all, this program has increased rep confidence, team moral, prospects view of our team and ultimately…increased sales that has led to us all making more money!

This is just a high level overview. If you want more details, please let me know.

Together in Success,
Jeremy Ryan
Sales Manager


From: kate kingston [mailto:kkingston@kingstontraining.com]
Sent: Friday, March 07, 2014 6:53 AM
To: Jeremy Ryan
Cc: dfrei@kingstontraining.com
Subject: RE: KTG, Kate and Dan Rock!

Thank you so much!! I would love to use your quote

Here is to more net new sales,

Kate Kingston
kkingston@kingstontraining.com – 
Kingston Training Group
Make More Meetings ~ Make More Money!

From: Jeremy Ryan
Date: Friday, March 7, 2014 8:29 AM
To: Kate Kingston <kkingston@kingstontraining.com>
Cc: Dan Frei <Dfrei@kingstontraining.com>
Subject: RE: KTG, Kate and Dan Rock!

No problem.

Nora was looking for some feedback so she can speak at the CDA meeting, so I threw this together pretty quickly. One thing to add, the last half of our fiscal, which ends 3/31, will be the biggest revenue half in over 20 years, possibly ever!

Together in Success,
Jeremy Ryan
Sales Manager

“How to succeed with Kate Kingston training… Kate Kingston’s program became part of the Fraser culture when we committed to an Annual Retainer, which replaced the 1-day data dump… Kate Kingston’s program has evolved into a customized BEST PRACTICE program for Fraser over a 3-year period!”

– Bill Fraser, President, Fraser Advanced Information Systems

“I realized yesterday when I got to my snowy car, that I didn’t thank you for what a great job you did yesterday! Your program was very prepared, came with great ideas even on the voicemails, had additional material already pre-made for the reps to use immediately, and lastly everyone has commented to me on what a great program you have. All the reps and managers are excited to see you again next week. Thanks again, and it seems like you and I made a pretty good team together yesterday. I hope my ideas, comments, and help was valuable to you as well. Look forward to this years growth results.”

– Rob H., VP of Sales, Atlantic Business Products

“Applied Imaging has used Kate Kingston’s training to produce more appointments for our sales force. There has been a 25% increase in our monthly revenue. We have experienced a 50% increase in the weekly appointment’s schedule. She taught us time management and appointment closing techniques. I recommend Kate without reservation.”

– John L. President, Applied Imaging

“Melissa and I thought today was one of the best seminars/trainings we have done. Thanks very much.”

– Kirk P., President, LaserCycle USA

“The results are phenomenal! The Kingston Training methodology had a big hand in our commercial team annual revenue going from 4 Million to 7 Million, 80% which is NEW business. Our turnover also decreased from 100% to 45% because the newer reps are more confident on the phone and are making more $$ sooner. We implemented other strategies and had some other changes that also had an impact on those successes but I would have no trouble attributing a great deal of this success to the incredible prospect training of the KTG Group. Our managers and trainers have now taken ownership of this and have infused it with our daily & weekly routines. Manager & Trainer evangelism is an absolute must to insure success with this program… and with the above results, why wouldn’t we? Kate is a master at her craft. I have no doubt in saying that KTG is an absolute MUST in training and WILL increase NEW meetings & revenue as well as lower your attrition rate!”

– Dan C, VP of Sales, Quality Business Systems

“The “Kingston Way” is a valuable tool. This is a system that needs to be incorporated. The methods are valuable and I believe they work. I need to incorporate these methods into our everyday work. Once this is instilled in my reps and becomes second nature our numbers of qualified meetings will continue to rise. I have seen success already and believe it will help us more as we continue. We need to continue to focus on a few of these points there are many helpful points to apply.”

– Bob W, Regional Sales Mgr, Atlantic Business Products

“The training has been remarkable in drilling down to the actual decision maker levels with specific talk points making the flow of the calls much easier. The always here help approach with additional one-on-one time with Kate is above and beyond any other consultative training I have been through.”

– Josh B., Director of Imaging Sales, LaserCycle USA

“I wanted to write a short email to tell you how impressed we are with KTG and your training program. We have already increased our Net New decision maker appointments by 100% since we began just four weeks ago. We are working toward our goal of thirty Net New appointments for our Sales Executives and would not have had that within reach without you and your team! Go and sign up more groups like us!”

– David H., Sales Mgr., Cornerstone Office System

“I wanted to take a moment to let you know how impressed I am with the first few hours of training. My two newest reps rode back with me to the office. The first thing they started talking about was their target call list for tomorrow. They are making their lists now and seem to be excited about applying what they have learned today.”

– Hal S., Branch Mgr, Oklahoma Office Systems, Inc.

The Kingston training has truthfully been the most beneficial and inspiring training program that I have participated in. I have not only increased my appointments by over 100% in one month, but I’ve used the script format in meetings with customers and in my networking (ie. Leads groups, BNI etc).

– S R. , Sales, Milner, Inc.


May not be the most flattering testimonial you have ever had, but these are the big steps our sales team need to see and make. THANK YOU!


Made call to single practitioner law firm today. I’ve never talked more than 5 minutes with the owner.

I introduced myself to office mgr. and asked for appt with him. She paged him and told him, he said, “he can have four minutes”

He came out of his office and asked me to join him in conference room. He said “you have four minutes, what do you want to talk about”. I told him I wanted to talk about his technology goals and initiatives. 45 minutes later, I left his office with him ASKING me to stay in touch

This s*** works!

The End

Troy B – Sales Specialist”

– Dave Quint • President • ADVANCED SYSTEMS, INC.

“While training with the KTG Training Group, Offix had its best 1st Quarter since opening in 1999. I highly recommend the KTG Training Group to help improve sales.”

– Stephen Valenta, President., Offix

“I highly recommend it. It has give me confidence to call c level people I feel like it helps set me apart from my competitors and places me in a position to sell more solutions.”

– N.L., Sales, All Copy Products

“Kate has her S*** together. C level meeting setting as an art, presented with style and confidence. She really has something that can help your reps get more C level meetings.”

– B.H., Sales Mgr, AIS

“I’ve learned a new approach in setting up an appointment on the voicemail. This workshop was absolutely eye opening! Moneymaking! Exciting!”

– C.G., Sales, Arizona Office Technologies

“Hi Kate,

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your training and the dramatic improvement in meeting numbers it has made for our team here at Datamax. You know I have a very tenured team and was reluctant as to how much help appointment training could be for them, however, it has increased our meetings with non-customers many times over. A new since of self confidence in the approach of all my reps has also helped increases prospecting efforts and improved moral overall. Thanks again for your help and I wish you much success in the future.”

– David Holzhauer, Sales Mgr, Datamax of Arkansas


I wanted to say a big thank you for the impact you have had on our sales team. As you are aware change can be difficult but results cannot be denied. Your time has created confidence that we seem to had lost, and in a few cases careers that seemed to be fading now have a light once again. Kate I never have endorsed a program but can say the Kingston group has my complete support.”

– Don Pierce, VP of Sales, PERRY proTECH

“We at All Copy Products wanted to mention how happy we have been with your training. We saw our appointments increase right away in the first month and our appointment numbers continue to increase. We have a good mixture of tenured employees and new employees and both groups took to it almost immediately. Our reps are getting more appointments, but even more importantly the RIGHT KIND of appointments. This new process instilled a lot of confidence in our new employees, and a more structures focus with out tenured employees. Thanks again for all your assistance and support. We look forward to much success in the near and far future.”

– Jennifer Huddle, VP of Sales, All Copy Products


I just wanted to send you a personal email to thank you for everything that you have done for the sales team at Martin Whalen. I have been using your meat sandwich on my prospects and I am getting a ton of meetings. I have to admit that I am not using your binder exactly like you want us to use a different sheet for my calls and contact list, but I am using the vertical markets and the meat!! I just made more money than I ever have in one quarter, over $46,000!! Thank you!”

– M.B., Territory Mgr, Martin Whalen Office Solutions

“Kate, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the training yesterday. Not only was it very motivating, I learned a great deal about the approach and wording needed to help get the sale. I really appreciated the entire item and look forward to more training in the weeks to come.”

– Jennifer S., Sales, Coordinated Business Systems

“I hope that you are doing well and are having a wonderful evening thus far. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for joining our Team today. It is such a breath of fresh air to hear the guys discussing how “amazing” and “awesome” you were. They are hitting the phones and are discussing their successes right now, and it makes me think of how wonderful it must feel to give people that confidence.”

– Mandi C., Sales Mgr, LaserCycle USA

“Kate, Good morning. Hope all is well. I wanted to just share a success story. I sent out 15 emails this week as of yesterday and have gotten 6 responses! I am so excited and thanks for your guidance!”

– Erin H, Sales, Datamax Arkansas

“Being a tenured an employee (18 yrs.) I know changes have to be made along with our changing times. Since our initial meeting I have improved (I had 4 appointments last week and 2 sales). I am very pleased with this training and look forward to much more guided victory.”

– B. A., Sales, Sharp Business Systems, San Diego

“Good job today with the Milner sales team. You provided the first true professional sales training course that Milner has had in its 20+ years. You brought fresh and new ideas to classic sales training that I learned from my Lanier days. I know the new and seasoned reps will benefit from your training. Thanks for your help.”

– Steve Baker, Sales Mgr, Milner, Inc

“I was at 33% of plan before my training with KTG, after her knowledge and expertise, I’m now at 155% of quota of which 45% is net new business”.

– Chuck Caldwell, Sales, Oklahoma Office Systems

“The phone prospecting training has helped me increase the number of meetings that I have scheduled. The approach of asking for a meeting initially and ending by giving a specific time and date has resulted in a many ‘call backs’ which was not occurring prior to our training. I have also had success using email messages. It seems that a larger percentage of responses have come thru email. Had my best month ever since I started!”

– Pat H., Sales, Stewart Business Systems

“In 15 years of Sales Training and having experiencing a lot of training in sales, this is BY FAR the best cold calling training I have ever experienced! The money spent on this training was well worth it!”

– Zach Lanksbury – Carr Business, Global Imaging

“I am a huge advocate of your program and would be pleased to be a reference for you. We have seen huge success in our prospecting over the last 4 months. Once we changed our structure, all the reps seemed to have had great improvement in their ability to make more meetings. Though we were slow to start, the KTG helped Cobb dramatically. We will continue to use the program and may engage you with a sight visit as time moves on to recharge our team. Again, many thanks!”

– Toni Gorveatt, COO, Cobb Technologies, Inc.