1. How many hours will my sales people be out of the field in training the first month?
    Sales Reps & Managers will be expected to attend a full day for the workshop at their dealership’s location. Each sales rep will then have to attend a 60 minute training class once week for four consecutive weeks. Of course, they will be prospecting on their own during each week.
  2. How are you different from other sales training companies?
    We guarantee results! No one else does that.
    We have gotten over a 50% increase in C-level net new meetings company-wide in every dealership that completes our program! No one else does that.
    We only train business technology dealerships. It’s all we do! No one else does that.
    We have talk tracks and email templates for over 45 industries! No one else does that.
  3. Is there a minimum number of sales peoples needed to have an on site training program delivered by the KTG?
  4. What types of companies do you work with?
    We only train Business Technology Dealerships – that’s it.
  5. What exactly is the Make More Meetings prospect-training program and what does it include?
    The KTG prospecting sales training program includes:
    · Live on-site training delivered in 6, 9 or 12 month programs
    · Guaranteed increase in C-Level Meetings for every member of your sales force who completes KTG Training
    · Individual One-on-One training placing real calls to live prospects
    · Training and Tools for Managers
    · 45+ Vertical industry telephone scripts and about 170 email templates delivered (EX: Law, Medical, Construction)
    · Digital recordings of all training sessions
    · Vertical Vocabulary Tele-classes
    · Online Prospecting Tracking Tool to accurately track progress
    · KTG will build your dealership a proprietary, prospecting resource library
    Want more details? Click here to see our brochure.
  6. Does this prospecting methodology really work?
    Yes! The KTG program works people pretty hard to get the results they need and we have found that the ones who are willing to jump in and be committed from day one, always do amazingly. Click here to see real results of our past and current clients.
  7. What results can I expect?
    A minimum +50% increase in new C-Level appointments company-wide at the locations we train, when sales people and managers commit, follow and complete KTG’s program!
    Click here to see real results of our past and current clients.
  8. Can we connect with some of KTG’s former clients?
    Of course! One of KTG’s teachings is using client references to get the meeting and we implement our teachings in our very own prospecting as well! Click here to see a list of our clients or here to read client testimonials. Still not convinced? Email me, kkingston@kingstontraining.com and I’ll send references you can contact personally.
  9. How can we guarantee we will make more qualified meetings that result in sales?
    Well actually we do guarantee that! KTG guarantees a minimum +50% increase in new C-Levelappointments company-wide at the locations we train, when sales people and managers commit, follow and complete KTG’s program or your money back!
  10. Based on what we have read and heard from former clients we agree the training would make sense, how do we get started?
    Simple, email me kkingston@kingstontraining.com to schedule a phone call so we can discuss how to get you started with The Kingston Training Program and on your way to Make More Meeting… Make More Money!